We stand by our product and workmanship!

  • Any spa cover manufactured by us has a FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY on workmanship and will be repaired without charge.
  • All stitching, including seams, handles, and tie-downs are covered.


  • Freight to and from factory for any repairs is NOT COVERED.
  • Foam core is NOT COVERED, but will be replaced at manufacturers cost.
  • Torn vinyl is NOT COVERED, but repairable in some cases only.
  • Damage to covers in transport is NOT COVERED.
  • Alterations, neglect, or misuse of cover will VOID warranty.
  • Warranty CAN NOT be extended in any way by anyone.
  • Purchaser MUST allow for normal fading and deterioration of all components of cover.
  • Spa covers placed in direct sunlight may get extremely hot, DO NOT sit, stand, or walk on cover… it can burn.
  • Covers will NOT support the weight of any animal or human.
  • Even covers made of high density foam can break. DO NOT sit, stand or walk on covers.
  • Handles are for purpose of positioning, and removal. DO NOT carry cover by the handles, or tie downs.
  • Commercial use not covered.