• Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Choice of 13 colors
    Mahogany, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Forest Green, Burgundy, Black, Palomino, Dark Brown, Almond and Parchment.
  • Mildew and UV resistant top vinyl
  • Mold and Mildew resistant bottom vinyl
  • Foam (Expanded Polystyrene)
    Tapered 4″ – 2″ for water run-off
    10% deformation (memory), Flame retardant, 2% Absorption per volume
    Construction Grade Steel C-channel reinforcement
    Hand sealed plastic wrap
  • Thread
    High Grade U.V.R. DB 92 Bonded polyester
  • Side Mount Handles
  • Flaps/Skirts aid in spa protection, 3″ standard
  • “Surelock” locking tie downs w/key, 2 each standard
  • Commercial Grade Zipper
  • 3-year warranty


Use only non-petroleum based (water based) vinyl protectant.
Do not drag cover when storing.
Handles for positioning only, not for carrying.


Must be in whole inches of overall outside shell dimensions of spa or old cover.
Measurements must be big enough for cover not to fall into water.


  • For Standard Foam (1.25 lb.) Density Covers: (12R factor):
    Maximum Dead weight load – 200 pounds*
    Maximum Active weight load – 75 pounds*
  • For Heavy Duty Foam (2 lbs.) Density Covers: (14R factor):
    Maximum Dead weight load – 400 pounds*
    Maximum Active weight load – 150 pounds*

*Weight limits vary on placement and activity level of weight*